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What is sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a unique relationship between the Sponsor and the needy child. Interested persons, well-wishers, sympathizers, friends and family can sponsor to share with children their pursuit to build up a better future with dignity, justice, peace and hope. Sponsors pledge a regular monthly contribution to support needy children, their families and communities. Sponsorship creates opportunities for the needy children to have food, shelter, cloths, clean drinking water, sanitation, education and skills for future livelihood, nutrition and health care and to participate in the social development activities.

You may sponsor a child

If a person would like to help a needy child through our Sponsorship Programme then he may contact with Shishu Koruna Sangha (SKS) office through email, post or telephone. The sponsorship to support the child is done with a regular monthly contribution of Euros 50.00.
The Sponsorship Programme strengthens human relationships between the benefactor and the beneficiary and makes a big difference to the life of a child, his/her family and the entire community. This small regular contribution brings smiles on their faces.
The monthly contribution of Euros 50.00 for a child covers expenditure for food, cloths, shelter, education and heath care etc.

One to One Relationship

The Sponsor can correspond directly with the sponsored child though letters / emails and send them special gifts in the form of educational aids or gifts-in-kind such as dresses, toys, etc. SKS staffs are always ready to cooperate in sending your gifts to the children and in helping you to receive feedback from the sponsored child. Thus, Child Sponsorship enables a one-to-one relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored child that helps to make a big change in their lives.

Single Donations

Child sponsorship is not always easy to carry out for everybody. However, many generous people cherish in their mind to make the deprived and needy children happy. Therefore, they may contribute a single donation to the needy children. You may contribute alternatively with compassion in the following manner:
* Euros 10.00 for one months school fees for a child
* Euros 15.00 to provide 1 school uniform set to a child
* Euros 30.00 for textbooks, notebooks and educational aids
* Euros for the needy children as a support of their education.

SKS vision of Sponsorship Programme

To establish social harmony and build a culture of peace and non-violence
To build up the capacity of families and communities to ensure sustainable well-being of the children. 
To build up the children to be agents of social change from misery to happiness.
To create structures and systems that enable the members of the community to participate in social development programmes.

Income Tax Exemption:
SKS is a registered charitable society; therefore, the sponsors and donors for all contributions enjoy the benefit of Income tax exemption under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act in India.

Thanks and Gratitude
We express our thanks and gratitude to all of you who compassionately extend their helping hands through sponsoring the needy children of our educational institution. It is needless to say that without your kind help the needy children would not receive education. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to AJHA INTERNATIOAL, a French based NGO that has been helping the needy children of SKS through the Sponsorship Programme. SKS also express its thanks and gratitude to other philanthropic organizations and generous persons throughout the world, including Japan and Australia, who have come forward with compassionate heart to support the SKS to carry out its Community Development Activities. SKS works together with the people of all walks of life to achieve a peaceful, prosperous and happy society.

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