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Bodhicariya School took shape from the relentless efforts and selfless dedication to the cause of the welfare and happiness of the many people. Venerable Bimal Bhikkhu with compassionate cooperation of the Most Venerable Chakma Rajguru Agra Bamsa Mahathera who are respected as devout Buddhist monks in the international arena, established the School in association with some of the renowned social workers in Kolkata, on 15th November 1990 with 30 children. They turned their dream to reality by imparting value based modern education to the tribal children of North East India in a quiet nook away from the city along with other children of the country. Bodhicariya Senior
Secondary School is affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi & the school is open to all boys & girls irrespective of caste, creeds & sex.


Classes from kindergarten to std. IV are held from 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 am while Classes V to XII are held from 10am to 4.30 pm. from Monday to Saturday. Weekly tests and terminal exams are held at regular intervals to assess the students’ progress.


Discipline is a vital part for the growth of a child into a true human being. It is administered at every step by persistent instructions. Corrective measures are taken up when necessary. Care should be taken at home too in case of habitual delinquent children. Parents and Guardians are duly informed about the behavioral progress. They are requested to co-operate with the school in administering discipline to their children.
Sks Class Room

Students in Bodhicariya School pass with flying colours each year and the success rate is nearly hundred percent. This itself speaks volumes about the over all academic performance of the school. Apart from this Bodhicariya School encourages students to participate in various competitive exams, such as Medical, Engineering, Middle/ High School Scholarship exam etc. Particular attention is paid to the students of std. X, avoiding the normal practices of strict detention at the std. IX. Only those who have failed miserably are detained. This is possible since close monitoring of each student is done minutely.
The management is also trying its best to adopt more scientific and modern teaching methods for better results as well as its overall improvement in academic performance. The school feels proud to announce that many batches have successfully passed out and are getting opportunities to pursue their studies in many reputed colleges & universities in Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Mumbai & Hyderabad etc.


Utmost importance is given to the regularity in attendance of students of std. X. If a student is absent for any genuine reason he is allowed to attend classes only when either of the parents come to explain the reason for his absence. At times it is inconvenient for the parents to accompany the child but in the long run it is appreciated by them.


A Day with parents is held after the 1st /2nd Unit Test and after the 1st Term Exam. It is an enriching experience for all concerned- child, parent and teachers as they positively interact and a strong bond of understanding is established which makes the child aware that the school and his home are in sync to help him to develop.


The management provides limited concession to economically weak and deserving students and when requests are made for waiver of fees like Computer Fee, Tution Fee, Aptitude Test fees etc.
Under no circumstances students are not provided any facility by the school for lack of finance.


As per the rules of the school, students are expected to come to school with neat andclean uniform and polished shoes. Sky Blue Shirt & navy Blue shorts/Trousers for Boys and Sky Blue Shirt & navy blue Skirts covering the knees for Girls. Plain black shoes, white shocks, Blue Tie (Embroidered Ashoka Chakra, School Belt and Emblem (Logo) for both.
Winter Dress: During Winter season both Boys & Girls have to wear Blue Blazers/Sweaters.
P.T Uniform: White Trousers, Short white Jersey & white caps for Boys. White divided skirts, white Jersey and white caps for Girls.


A huge playground for the children.

A well equipped and well maintained library.

A children’s Park for the junior classes to enjoy nature’s bounty.

Computer classes are introduced to create awareness of the new technology.


The goal of education in a school can be achieved, if there is a strong academic foundation. But the real success of education is a combination of academic education and co-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities are encouraged for betterment the students. It is also part of the education, which is mandatory for the students’ to participate in at least one of the activities.
Good performance in the co curricular activities helps to bring fulfillment of the lives of the students.

Extra-curricular activities are:

Sport (Cricket, Foot Ball, Basket Ball, Volley Ball etc)
One Act Plays

Dancing & Singing

The school students have won the first prize as the best school of the state for parade and cultural performance organized by the Home Department, Government of West Bengal at the Brigade Parade Ground, on the Republic Day, for three consecutive years. Culturally the School has also good reputation & had been awarded 1st & 2nd prizes in district level Music competitation.


Government recognized computer courses at secondary and higher secondary level along with special sessions on Information Technology (I.T ) will be starting very soon with the under experienced teacher.
Cricket and Football Coaching by trained coaches will be given to interested students..
Special classes on Performing Arts, Music, and Dance will be provided to students to sharpen their talents.

Drawing classes under the supervision of trained Art teachers will be provided.
Vocational training to make students self reliant will be provided to suitable students.
er experienced teacher.
SKS has been continuing higher education programme creating stipend facilities for the deserving meritorious students who wish to continue higher studies in general and job oriented courses, like Engineering, Medical and Agricultural courses in various Colleges and Universities. Quite a good number of students are studying in various colleges and universities in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hydrabad, Surat, Shillong and Guwahati.


SKS has been maintaining a Destitute Home since its inception with the children irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex, especially the children from the poverty stricken and backward tribal families from the north-eastern states in India. Students enjoy the facilities of free food, accommodation
and medical treatment along with education. RECEIVING PRIZE FROM BRIGADIER S.S.SINGH
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